• Type:Miracle Collection
  • Size:13.5 oz. bottle / .5 oz. packette
  • Download:PDF
Bless Your Heart… everybody loves a Southern Belle! With a flirty dress, endearing smile and impeccable southern hospitality… you always know how to present yourself in the most elite light. So get the glow to match your charming and privileged lifestyle with this sweet, but not to be messed with natural bronzer made specifically for the fair skinned beauties of the world. Now pull out the pearls and give ‘em some sugar, because these bronze boosters will have you debutante ready in no time! We’re just like you, only sweeter!
  • MelaLift Skin Energy targets the special form of melanin needed for the naturally fair skinned to achieve dark, rich color
  • Natural Bronzers, Caramel and Banana, work to boost additional color development instantly
  • Soothing and toning blend of Caffeine and Coffee help tighten and calm skin after tanning
  • Sip on the flirty fragrance cocktail of Summer Sangria while soaking up the Southern sun
Fragrance: Summer Sangria
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